Magda Ritzen (MSC) is a reputable Dutch educational consultant, living in South Africa for the most of the year. As an expert in developing online learning programmes, teaching methodology and designing assessment tools, she worked for several universities in The Netherlands. As a lead consultant she contributed to several local and national academic projects involving blended and full online education, portfolio system development, didactical programmes and portfolio implementation.

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Yusri Dien (Bcom)  has extensive experience as a business practice facilitator for individuals with various disabilities. His passion is all about making education materials and presentations reach a greater audience in an efficient, effective and user friendly way. With his background in information systems and drive for sharing knowledge he is always exploring new and exciting technologies that both improve and facilitate learning.

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Intaka Learning was founded by Magda Ritzen and Yusri Dien, both experienced professionals with backgrounds in academic, educational,  eLearning and IT environments.  eLearning is not just about “tools”, it is also – or mostly even – about understanding the particular circumstances and demands of the learning environment in which they are deployed. 

Combining “the best of two worlds”, Magda and Yusri make a perfect team to implement eLearning solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.