Flexible and Interactive Learning

Today’s students expect enhanced learning experience with new technologies. Presentations 2Go is providing an open video platform to capture, experience and share presentations and training. Live and on-demand streaming can be enriched with live note taking, assignments, rating and voting. Statistics and integration into learning management systems are also available.

Presentations 2Go in Education

A lecture can be captured any way the teacher, trainer or organisation wants.
The added value of using weblectures in an educational setting can be big:

  • More in-depth teaching: the student prepares for class at home with the e-lectures provided, then uses time in the classroom for in-depth learning.
  • More in-depth teaching: the student prepares for class at home
    with the e-lectures provided, then uses time in the classroom for
    in-depth learning.
  • Increased engagement: students are given (even more) responsibility for their own learning process (anytime, anyplace).
  • Learning analytics: as students interact with the e-lectures, learning analytics can be collected. That data can be used to discover what additional instruction the students need.
  • More accessible (educational) materials: recordings can be shared among teachers and re-used within courses, the curriculum, the university and beyond.

Presentations 2Go enables students to make live tags (notes) while following a lecture or presentation on mobile device.
The positions of these tags are linked to the teacher’s presentation slides. When the lecture is over, the notes are visible on the time-line from the web lecture or webcast recorded using Presentations 2Go. This enhances and enriches the content. Students can now complete assignments, share feedback and even interact with the lecturer during the web lecture. 

Assignments and live tagging make Presentations 2Go a perfectly suitable for the ‘flipped classroom’ and interactive Massive Open Online Courses.


New educational scenarios are made possible by the introduction of rich media tagging. For example:

  • Enrichment of a web lecture with additional notes and hyperlinks from teachers
  • Time-independent responses or the asking of questions on the Presentations 2Go time-line, e.g. in combination with short information clips
  • Execute commands whereby the web lecture automatically pauses, such as for a ‘response tag’ or a reference to an external learning or testing environment
  • Online assessment and coaching of students
  • Allow students to assess each other’s videos
  • Download notes and place them in an e-learning environment
  • Process notes in the classic way

These applications and scenarios are not only available for web lectures. Teachers and students can also add tags to traditional video recordings.

Presentation 2Go Products

Presentations 2Go open video platform is a comprehensive solution for recording multi source video presentations, management of content, metadata and multi platform streaming. Capable of streaming videos to any device, campus and worldwide.

Presentations 2Go supports a range of certified hardware recorders from leading brands such as the new Matrox Monarch LCS and Lumens VS-LC102. Easy to setup with full control, scheduling and auto publishing.

The core components of Presentations 2Go are: 

  • Open video server
  • Capture solutions
  • Open video Capture

Key Features

​Multi Platform Streaming  Technology

High Quality Streaming using adaptive bitrate streaming technology.

​Making Video, Reality with 360° degrees live streaming and on-demand videos