Presentations2GO Features

Benefits of choosing Presentations 2Go

  • Live and on demand interaction and note taking 
  • Enrich recordings with notes, links and assignments
  • Affordable and scalable solution with free choice of hardware
  • Automated capture, webcast and publishing
  • Presentations 2Go is a product of Learning Valley. Learning Valley is an innovative streaming media company, with branches in the Netherlands (head office) and the rest of the world.
  • Learning Valley places great value on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of an already outstanding line of products. 

Support for all leading delivery formats: HDS, HLS, MSS en MPEG-DASH.

     Deliver the best possible viewing experience up to 4K using adaptive bitrate streaming technology.

   Watch 360° degrees live streaming and on-demand videos. Including HTML5 player packed with360° Video &                                Virtual Reality support.

Use affordable and easy to operate capture solutions from leading brands.

  Create, manage and share your screencasts and videos. Upload audio and videos with smart transcoding and workflow.

Use Presentations 2Go Capture Software and Turnkey Rackmount and Mobile appliances for fully automated capture webcast and publishing of multisource video.