EPASS has its own YouTube channel!  The first 4 video’s demonstrate the different uses of EPASS in the Resident Program. 

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Video 1: The Mini CEX.

A Mini CEX is a structured assessment of an observed clinical encounter. 
In the video a resident just had an emotional conversation with a patient and her husband. After this conversation the resident evaluates with her supervisor what went well and what could have been done better.
Finally they complete the Mini CEX in EPASS.

Video 2: Pending a capability request.

The resident performed quite a number of caesarean sections under full supervision and requests to perform them under limited supervision.
In the video the resident motivates her request to her supervisor. To support the capability request they review the number of caesarean sections performed so far.

Video 3: Annual progress meeting.

In the video the supervisor and resident have an annual progress meeting in which they evaluate the goals set at the beginning of the year. They discuss which goals have been accomplished and the reasons why some goals have not been met.
At the same time they review the portfolio, especially the medical competencies.

Video 4: The final conversation.

Before the resident leaves to proceed her training in an academic hospital, the supervisor and resident have a final conversation. In the video they review the portfolio: how compares the resident to the cohort, why are there more assessments forms created in the first semester compared to the second semester?

The multi source (360°) feedback round is discussed and analyzed in terms of what it tells the resident, and which learning goals can be derived from it for the year to come.